The Source

  The Source

The Memory Water source is located in Northern Europe, Latvia, a tiny parish Daugmale. Name of the property is Ziedlapas (Eng: Flower Petals) The source is unique because the water obtained is very tasty and meets the high standards for BIO water certification. This kind of water is a scarce resource not only in Northern Europe, but also in the world.

Raw meadow, under which is the underground source.  Land of the water source is located on biological agricualture land.

Underground source is safer than the terrestrial source, because some farmers still use different chemicals to fight pests, which drown both weeds and damage the nature and surrounding waters. In the case of a particularly terrestrial source, it is important to make sure that such chemicals are not used in several square kilometers - a wide area of the source pool. Chemicals usually reach the lowest point, which is most often is the source of water.

In contrast, the underground source is much more protected against such chemical contamination, as it is protected by multi-layers of clay, stone and sand.

The water is 50m below ground in the clay layer. There is a widespread myth that the deeper the well, the better the water. Water quality depends directly on the layer of subterranean depths where water is located and in different places it can be of different depths. Therefore, depth is only relevant in the context of a specific location.

The most common water in Northern Europe contains excess iron or other element. Unfortunately, most of the producers get water from places where it is not of sufficient quality, both in terms of chemical elements and taste, therefore, they are forced to partially mix it with distilled water (processed with reverse osmosis), in order to ensure that the legislative requirements are met. Memory Water has received ​​Bio water certification and is natural not only in legal sense, but also as a regular customer would understand the term "natural".

Memory Water total mineral amount: 306 mg/l, pH 7.9-8.4, Calcium 3 mg/l, Na: 5.53 mg/l, Nitrite ions <0.01 mg / l.