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Why Choose Us?9 Essential Reasons

1 18 steps of structuring

2 Excellent taste - so many compliments from premium water experts

3 BPA free bottles

4 Filled with Love

5 Increased Bio-Energy of the experiment group by more than 100%

6 Under microscope - beautiful hexagonal crystal

7 Use as a component of Organic products

8 From a unique source in Nothern Europe

9 Highest marks from people who see and know beyond regular

Structured Water99% of molecules in our body are water molecules

What is it?

Arrangement of Molecules According to Influence

Today science has proved, that water due to it's unique physical properties and numerous hydrogen bonds between oxygen and hydrogen atoms is capable of forming water structure elements - clusters, which receive, store and transfer information.

Process of structuring does not impact the chemical composition, but changes the arrangement of molecules. During structuring water molecules unite creating clusters. Read more ->

What is the benefit for me?

Healthy Cells

Scientists have found that between healthy cells there is structured water, but between cancer cells regular unstructured water. Cells consist of 99% of water. Please see full scientific publication of Dr.Kenneth S. Marsh, United States Woodstock institute. This research reveals results of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, approving that there is structured water between healthy cells and regular water between malign cancer cells.
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Increase of Bio-energy

Memory Water increased bio-enerģiju of the experiment group by more than 100%

Prof. Konstantin Korotkov of St. Petersburg University leaded a research of impact of structured water on the Bio-energy level of human being. Scientists have used the technology of Memory Water. Participants of the double blind research were divided into experiment and control groups. Read more ->

World's Leading Scientists

Researchers of Structured Water

Mēs zinām, ka ūdens spēj saglabāt informāciju savā struktūrā. To mēs saucam par atmiņu. Šis nav ķīmijas izpētes lauks, tā ir fizika.

Ja esat dzirdējuši par homeopātiju, tad zināsiet, ka sākotnējais šķidums tiek atšķaidīts tik daudz reižu ar ūdeni vai ūdens/alkohola savienojumu, ka gala vielā vispār nav iespējams ķimiski konstatēt sākotnējās vielas klātbūtni.

Neskatoties uz to, attīstītajās valstīs homeopātija jau vairāk kā 200 gadus tiek atzīta par efektīvu dažādu slimību ārstēšanā. Tas, ka kāds nemāk šo dabas likumu zinātniski pamatot nenozīmē, ka tas pārstāj darboties.


Process of Water Structuring

From Underground Spring pH~8

Water is sourced from a unique natural spot from Nothern Europe (Daugmale parish, Latvia). Water is premium quality - no filtration is necessary. Only with natural premium water the best structuring results can be achieved.

From Underground Spring pH~8


As in the nature - water is flowing down from a high mountain whirling about its axis billions of times the same way Memory Water is whirled billions of billions of times. Exactly 10,65 in 34th.

Turbulence 10,65 in 34th

South and North Magnets

Water molecules (V) rearrange in parallel to the power of the permanent magnet. Re-arrangement is changing structure of the water as well as ionizes and softens it.

South and North Magnets

High and Low Preassure Impact

At this stage water is fast moving with changing preasure - high and low, repeating the process 1000 times. Such treatment destroys organized harmful bacteria and deletes the negative frequency of water. Such a system functions as an effective disinfectan

High and Low Preassure Impact

Micro Clusters

In the former steps all unfavourable frequencies are deleted. Large water clusters, that consist of ~700 molecules are split into micro-clusters that consist of only 4-8 mplecules. Water is prepared to receive new, positive natural frequencies.

Micro Clusters

9995 Possitive Frequences

Anything that we see is a combination of the smallest particles – atoms. One atom from another varies by the frequency of vibration. Therefore structuring is affecting the frequency of atoms and appropriate changes occur. Water receives 9'995 positive fre

9995 Possitive Frequences

Sun and Moon

Water receives positive frequencies from the Sun and Moon. These planets in particular provide bio-energy to the endless processes both in the nature and in the human body.

Sun and Moon


Water absorbs silver ions which make it fresh and healthy.


Sand & Minerals

Flowing from the the mountain water touches many stones, different layers of sand, trees, grass, a variety of minerals. By receiving this vibration water gets enriched and structured.

Sand & Minerals


Water is enriched with oxygen by 5-8%. Therefore water obtains additional bio-energy.


Nature + Science

Only after water has passed this cycle, as it should be in real untouched natural environment, we dare to offer it to you.

Nature + Science

Bio-energy Change After Different Activities

After energetic gymnastics (yoga) class

After energetic gymnastics (yoga) class in open air

After walk with stimulating insoles

After meditation

After 20 min. massage

After satisfying thirst with 0,5l of water

After breathing exercise (pranayama)

After SPA procedure

After intensive prayer

After feeding homeless people

What is Bio-energy?

Bio-energy is life energy of human. In the East it is known as prana, chi, qi or reiki. In the West homeopathy is based on bio-energy, providing a holistic treatment approach of the whole body not just the diseased organ. Main sources of bio-energy are air, water and food. We can live without them a comparatively short time. A field of bio-energy envelops and permeates living beings, matter and objects. Before an illness or a negative event can set in the physical body, it manifests in the astral body. By keeping our astral bodies in shape we can ensure that many problems or ailments are corrected before they can manifest in real life. Bio-energy has direct influence not only on health but alsother areas of our lives: success, income, relationship, etc.

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Health due to lifestyle not medicine.

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Science + Divine"When science starts exploring non-material phenomena, it will succeed in 10 years more than in all the centuries before.", Nicola Tesla

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